HearthStone HD Artwork

HearthStone from Blizzard is a Free-to-play Trading Card Game (TGC), featuring the well-known characters from World of WarCraft. HearthStone comes on both PC and Android, so you can play on any device. As always, Blizzard deliver top quality graphics and game-play. The concept of HearthStone is simple, yet surprisingly fun and challenging. The game-play is well thought out, and the artwork is amazing.

HearthStone HD art

HearthStone Cards Deck Art

Hearthstone from Blizzard if a fun, challenging and beautiful magic card game. The concept is simple. Each player has a deck of cards with different abilities. The cards cost mana to use, and either protect you or deal damage to the opponent. The player who runs out of health first looses the game. Just like a fight in World of WarCraft. Despite it's simple goal, the game is very rich in game play and fines. You have to play a strategic game to win, and balance your deck for both entry and end part of the game. The great thing about HearthStone, which sets it apart from all the Asian magic games, is that the game is fun and challenging. It's not just a quest for the best card, and then auto-play. Far from it. HearthStone delivers the standard Blizzard quality, which is: "Nothing but THE best is good enough" No slag anywhere. The sound and visuals are also top quality. The artwork is really amazing, and the audio of the game is great too. HearthStone is definitely one of the best magic card games around, and is being actively developed as you read this. New quests and cards are being added regularly, so the game will continue to be fun.

The monsters and characters on the cards in HearthStone, are the well known entities from WarCraft and World of WarCraft. The class system works very well with the card game, as well as in the MMORPG. Different classes have different special cards, but most cards can be used by all classes. It gives great variety and possibilities, and challenges the player to not only use one strategy. Successfully attacking and defending oneself against different classes, require entirely different tactics and choice of cards in your deck. It also depends on which class the player plays, which strategy works. Just like in World of WarCraft. It's really incredible how Blizzard has managed to bring both atmosphere and game play from the MMORPG to this card game. HearthStone may look like "just" a little card game, but there is much more to it.

Blizzard made HearthStone free-to-Play, and made it for both PC and Android. It uses the Battle.net account to keep your progress, so you can play on your computer, and continue on your phone later if you go somewhere. The Android version is of cause lighter, but depending on your phone or tablet, it can look just as great as on the PC.